You may have received an email or phone call from Arkansas Student Loan Authority (ASLA). Your school may have referred you to our website for customized loan counseling. ASLA is here for you.

If you have trouble making your payments, we will offer alternatives to assist you in avoiding default. It may be that you need to change your repayment plan for a period of time in order to lower your monthly payment amount, or you may qualify for a deferment or forbearance. Whatever the case, we will help you to evaluate your situation, complete the correct forms, and get them to the correct student loan servicer(s).

If your loans are already in default, we can help to explain your options in rehabilitating your loan. The important thing is to open the communication and not to hide from the default. There are options to getting your loans back on the right track.

Contact us at or 800.443.6030.